The fifth

The fifth The fourth level behavioural assumes different forms of bikhevioralny therapy according to cognitive, suggestive and other types of psychotherapy.

The purpose formation and working off of desirable behavior models.

The fifth level personal means use of different types of individual and group psychotherapy, directed on permission of the external and internal psychogenic conflicts, personal growth, effective interaction with adults and contemporaries.

To avoid emergence of the expressed komorbidny behavioural violations in children and it is better to begin teenagers about SDVG, treatment at preschool or younger school age.

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If who nibud

If who nibud Now we need to agree about one signal.

If who nibud from you will be frightened, to it will be not pleasantly or painfully, he can always shout Stop!

, then all fight for a while stops, but all remain on the places.

When Stop!

I will shout, there is the same most.

And now you can be divided into teams.

One half of children gets on the ship, and the second becomes the sharks who are gluttonously ransacking round the vessel.

Analysis of exercise Whether this game was pleasant to you?

Whom did you pull?

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For example

For example Kirill Artyukhin, , Moscow, high school No.

Why to me it is sad Parents say to children that they have everything study, house, ve Russian cabbage soup and food, and all the rest.

I think that the main thing for subgrowth interesting life that it was not humiliated and that at it there was a choice, than to be engaged.

If it is not present, sad to live.

For example at me as all, have a study and school, but me it it is not pleasant.

I sometimes study well, sometimes I spit, because teachers often shout and call us morons.

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Waters it is necessary

Waters it is necessary One child pours water from a watering can in a vase, another a vytir et a rag the spilled water.


How many waters need to be poured in a vase?


Waters it is necessary so much that tips of stalks were are closed.

The teacher suggests to take everyone on a flower, to clean niches scientific research institute leaves and to cut off a stalk slice, then to put a flower in a vase.


How many flowers you put in a vase?

Children consider flowers, answer.

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Mother What do you do if it is boring for you?

As you think, ability helps to dream with life or disturbs?

Dialogue Why us is adjusted?

Couple of children gets out.

One person from couple plays a role ma we, another the son.

Children read on roles dialogue, and then obsuzh give it on questions.

Mother You fall asleep on the feet, You I wait for the whole hour.

Sasha, darling, do not yawn, Put on a sweater, a jacket!

Son Mother, where my boot?

And again the sock disappeared!

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